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Follow These 11 Tips for Vape Battery Safety

Follow These 11 Tips for Vape Battery Safety

Any battery with lithium in it poses a hazard. And vape batteries are much more powerful than the average AA batteries that your remote uses.

New vapers are often handed their vape mod along with a couple of 18650s batteries without providing any instructions on how to use your vape safely.

This guide on vape battery safety will serve you more as a beginners’ general safety guide and less a stringent, hard-and-fast rule book. If you want to establish a concrete understanding on vape batteries, you’d need to delve into the principle of Ohm’s law.

However, if you own a regulated mod that houses batteries such as 18650s or 21700s, then read on the following points to always be mindful of.

Keep the Battery Wraps Intact

Ensure that your batteries are wrapped and be mindful of any leaks. Even if it is something seemingly trivial as a nick on the battery, wrap it up immediately. You can buy battery wraps from your local vape shop. Most vape stores do not charge for re-wrapping batteries.

Use the Right Batteries

Different batteries are built for different types of vapes — some are suited for low wattage vaping while some are better used for sub ohm vaping. The most common vape battery is 18650, but it is always worth taking more than just a glance at the specs. Check for reviews and buy them from a genuine vape store.

Make Use of Battery Cases

Always store batteries in appropriate containers. Failing to do so will increase the chances of short circuit and damage to other equipment. This could potentially cause your battery to explode.

A simple solution is to buy a battery case and store them. This will also facilitate a safe and easy way to carry them.

Stay Away from Ersatz Products

Unfortunately, some of the biggest companies’ products are the easiest to imitate. And since reputable brands have steep price tags, customers are bound to fall prey to counterfeits.

Not to mention that sham products are more dangerous, they do not last long either. Hence, it is always better to shell out a few more dollars and buy a peace of mind, along with the batteries.

Use a Dedicated Charger

Nowadays, it is possible to charge the batteries directly by connecting the mod to the charger. However, a safe practice is to simply use a separate charger for the batteries. A vape battery charger will cost you less than a 60 mL vape juice vial.

Don’t Overcharge the Batteries

Overcharging the batteries, regardless of where they’re used, is detrimental to the battery’s shelf life. Overcharging doesn’t just affect the batteries, but also the charger. Hence, when you charge the batteries, take them out and store them in battery cases.

Try Not to Drain the Batteries Completely

Lithium-ion batteries have a proclivity to lose more capacity the more they are discharged in every cycle. Most vapes today have battery level indicators. When the indicator displays low charge, simply take out the batteries and charge them before they’re completely drained. Doing this will prolong the shelf life.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

It is common knowledge that higher the temperature, lower the shelf life of the batteries. However, colder temperatures also damage the battery. The general instruction is to store the batteries in a cool and shady place.

Leaving the batteries in the glove compartment of your car is a flagrant red flag. If you live in an area that witnesses extreme temperatures often, consider storing your batteries in an insulated lunch cooler.

Use Compatible Batteries

A safe practice is to use the same type of batteries in pairs. Using them together ensures a balanced and equal charge in both. This pays well in the long run.

Replace Old Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries tend to lost capacity and strength after long periods of usage. If you feel that your batteries take longer to charge, then it’s time to dispose them. It is good practice to replace your batteries once every six months.

Recycle Spent Batteries

Whenever you replace batteries, ensure to dispose of batteries safely. A common hazard risk is lithium-ion batteries getting short circuited in metal trash cans. Not only would you be avoiding that risk, but also recycling the battery in an environmental-friendly way.

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