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What Is Sub Ohm Vaping & How to Use Sub Ohm Vapes

What Is Sub Ohm Vaping & How to Use Sub Ohm Vapes

Sub Ohm vaping has been quite popular among vapers ever since vaping became the latest fad. You may be using a simple vape pod, but that doesn’t disqualify you from moving up the rungs of vaping. If you’ve used a beginner’s vape device for a long time, it’s a good sign for you to graduate to bigger clouds, more potent flavours, and most importantly, little-to-no nicotine levels.

Taking the next major step in anything can most certainly be a daunting experience, and moving onto sub-ohm vaping is no exception. But rest assured, for in the next section, we will be detailing out what sub-ohm vaping is, how to use a sub-ohm vape, and why it matters to the average vaper.

Sub Ohm Vaping

Back in 2003, when adverts reading “quit smoking with e-cigarettes” flooded the streets and vape devices were first introduced, there weren’t quite a lot of options to choose from. The vapes that were marketed back then were rudimentary with a few options, as opposed to the melange of options you have today. And when the vape industry did take off, it became an instant favourite of the public, and paved way to different configurations of vape devices, such as sub ohm devices.

What are Sub Ohm Vapes?

Sub ohm vapes are devices that have a resistance less than 1.0 Ohm (Ω). Ohm is the SI unit of resistance and is used to measure the resistance in an electronic device. The difference in the magnitude might be miniscule, but it makes a world of a difference, especially when dealing with low-powered devices like vaporizers.

The key difference between regular vaping and sub ohm vaping is that the former uses coils with a resistance more than 1 Ohm and the latter uses coils with a resistance of less than 1 Ohm.

Why is sub ohm vaping special?

  • Bellows bigger clouds and emanates better flavours

  • Higher firing temperature

  • Better power output

  • Premium vaping experience

Why Sub Ohm Vape?

The addition of a sub ohm vape device to your collection will significantly raise your oomph factor. And if that’s not convincing enough, here are a few other reasons why you must try sub ohm vapes:

Massive clouds: One of the most distinctive features of a sub-ohm vape is its ability to produce bigger, thicker, and denser clouds, making it popular among advanced vape users. When you do use a sub ohm vape, ensure that you are vaping in a vape-friendly environment, because the plumes can be really thick and disruptive to others. The prevailing office etiquette is to carry a compact, vape pen that you can use to get a quick puff. You can save the large, bellowing clouds from your sub ohm device for your house.

Smoother and more potent flavours: If you’re a beginner to vaping and are trying to get the most from your vaping device, MTL devices with high VG liquids are the way to go. But even the most experienced vapers would agree that nothing matches sub ohm devices in inducing the smoothest flavours. There are some really good high VG e-liquids that can guarantee to give you a good time.

A deep drag that satisfies: Some groups of MTL vapers (like stealth vapers) are not after a deep lung hit. But those who are, find sub ohmic devices to be the best vape devices for that purpose.

Do not get under the misprision that a good MTL hit can be achieved by constricting the airflow on a sub ohm tank. That’s a classic rookie mistake. MTL style of vaping might imitate a smoking-like experience but it is the direct-to-lung method that enables you to take a deep drag.

Advantage over nicotine hits: As long as your vape has nicotine in it, you will always have a cig-a-like experience, regardless of your vaping style. When it comes to using sub ohm vapes as a means to forego cigarettes, the intense flavour and the clouds from sub ohmic vapes work in the vaper’s favour. And since you’d be using high VG liquids, you won’t be getting a deep throat hit.

How to Use a Sub Ohm Vape

When vapes were first introduced, wrapping your own wire, measuring the resistance, and wicking the coil required you to get a good grasp on Ohm’s law. You can circumvent the hassle of researching on it if you learn some tricks. But if you plan on using sub-ohm vapes, then you’d need to know that they are built at very low resistances and are made for higher wattages. And in terms of vapor production, some of these sub ohm vapes can best the most finely-tuned home-made coils.

To have a great sub ohm vape experience, you’d need a mod that fires at least 40W. Within this range, you can get a good flavor and monstrous clouds.

The style isn’t really the same as that of a normal vape, when it comes to sub ohmic vaping. The style of vaping employed here is typically Direct to Lung (DTL) method, which doesn’t involve holding in the smoke in your mouth. With this method, you can vape deeper and directly to your lungs. And combined with a high VG vape juice and better airflow, you’ll have the best vaping experience.

What Is Coil Resistance and How Low You Can Go

What is Ohm’s Law?

Ohm’s law defines the relationship between Voltage (V), Current (I), and Resistance (Ω). Mathematically, it is expressed as V = I x R.

To put this into perspective, the lower the resistance of the coil, the more charges flow through the wire. And the more the charges flow, the more the wattage would be required to power your vape. This, in turn, requires more amps, which strains the battery.

A simple solution is to just buy a quality vape from the local vape store, which can sustain such levels of power requirements.

Ohm is the SI unit of resistance. And it is obvious that sub-ohm vapes refers to vaporizers that have a resistance of less than 1 ohm. But there are some exceptions to that, as some clearomizers lie within the 1.2 – 2.0 Ohm range.

What’s in it for vapers: Before using a sub ohm vape, it is important to keep in mind that higher the resistance (Ω) of your vape device, the cooler your e-liquid would be (and vice versa).

Remember that Voltage (V) = Current (I) multiplied by Resistance (R). This is important only if you’re modifying your sub ohm vape.

Coil and Battery Safety

How to get the most out of your sub ohmic device

Most atomizers have a range of 0.2 – 0.5 Ohms, but vapes outside of that range aren’t uncommon.

If you’re confused as to which resistance range is suitable for you, study the following vape resistance chart from Scribd.

The above vape chart indicates what combinations of resistance and power are safe to vape. You will also understand how much resistance and power you’d need to increase or decrease the vape flavour. Regular vapes do not need adjusting to, because they find the suitable combinations automatically.

But one of the few changes you have to make is adjust the wattage of your vape. Most reputable brands include a guide on the optimal wattage ranges that you can refer. It’s best to try out a few settings to know which one you feel works well.

Even if you consider yourself to be an advanced vape user, it is imperative that you follow this safety chart to avoid anything adverse while vaping.

Sub Ohm Vape Safety

If you’re using a sub ohm vape, then it is important to understand the risk areas of using the electronic device. When you customize a regular vape into a sub ohmic vape, you’re essentially introducing new safety factors. And it is imperative to follow them for a safe vaping experience.

With that in mind, here are some of the common rules to follow when you vape any device:

  • A hybrid mod must never be used with a non-hybrid safe tank. This kind of setup screams danger in every language. You must always ensure that the tank must contain the protruding 510 pin. If you can’t ascertain the difference, don’t take the risk.
  • A regulated box mod is a safe vape: Some of these sub ohm vapes are the safest to vape if your intention is to modify your vape. These vapes are battery-friendly, genuine and of high quality. Many mods are compatible with 21700 or 20700 batteries, but almost a 90% of people look for 18650 batteries. But the bottom-line here is never to surpass the amp limit of your vape. It is always a good practice to study the specifications on your device and on the battery.

If you’re affixing a sub ohm tank with a mech mod, then ensure that it is properly vented. A mod that doesn’t have any visible battery vents or holes must never be used. This is another safety measure that must be observed without fail.

But at this point, if you feel that this is too much of technical details to ingest, then give sub ohm vapes a wide berth. You can get vape pens for as low as AED 25 ($6). If you’re a newbie trying out new flavours, then disposable vapes are the way to go.

Nicotine Levels

Putting nicotine levels into perspective, if you have been a long-time MTL vaper, you’ll need to reassess this shift when you switch to sub ohm vaping. When it comes to nicotine vapes, the DTL method is far more effective and potent than MTL method. Hence, the rule of thumb is to halve the nicotine level or stretch it up to a maximum of 6mg nicotine (whichever is lower).

Nicotine inclusion in your vape greatly affects the flavour. If you use a powerful sub ohm device, you’re bound to get a peppery aftertaste. Also avoiding nic salts with a sub ohm vape is a matter of prudence — unless you plan on doing otherwise, in which case you’ll end up with a headache.

Choosing the E-liquid for sub ohm vaping

Most MTL vapers go with a 50:50 VG/PG ratio to get the best of both worlds — throat hit and flavour. But with higher-powered sub ohm vapes, you have the choice of modulating the VG:PG ratios.

After the 50:50 ratio, the most popular is the 70:30 VG:PG ratio, for it still gives an acceptable measure of flavour while emanating gigantic clouds. You can notch it up further to 80:20 ratio, and also 100% VG if you want to maximize the cloud production. Remember that the higher the VG, the more the power required and less flavour induced.

On the other hand, the less the nicotine levels, lesser will be the flavour and vapor dilution. Most sub ohm vapes are known to use a maximum of 3mg of nicotine, with a mix of nic shot. Of course, you can lower the nicotine levels according to your preferences.

Pre-made coils or Rebuildable Atomizers

Here are three ways that you can enjoy sub ohm vaping:

RDAs (Rebuildable Drip Atomizers): Also known as drip atomizers, these were the only way to sub ohm vape, once upon a time. This type of atomizer entails one hand holding the mod and the other one dripping it. RDAs contain a deck whereupon the coils are screwed into place. The cotton is placed on the coil. For every few puffs, the juice is dripped directly onto the coils.

The biggest benefit of using an RDA? You can change the flavour for every few puffs. Since the flavour evaporates quickly, you can switch up flavours of your choice.

RTAs (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers): With RTAs, you can circumvent the dripping hassle. Using RTAs requires a bit of coil-building knowledge. However, the upside of that is you can build a coil exactly to your dimensions and specifications.

Sub Ohm Tanks: These employ disposable, premade coil heads that are super easy to use. You will get an experience similar to that of RDA and RTA builds by picking up a sub ohm tank like Vaporesso NRG-S Tank. Although it uses up a lot of juice, sub ohm vaping is totally worth it.

Made your choice?

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